Integrated visitor-tracker

The security orb has a integrated visitor-tracker that will log and store all names of visitors, intruders, who’s been banned etc, and how long visitors has stayed in the area.

In order for the visitor-tracker to work, you will need to start the security orb in “Normal”, “Passive” or “Silent” mode.

When the security orb is stopped, the visitor tracker will also be deactivated!

If you only want to track visitors with the system and keep the land completely open for public, please start the security orb in “Silent” mode or “Passive” mode.

The visitor tracker will send instant notifications, and also store all activity in the internal log-system.

You can also receive instant PUSH alerts to your iPhone or Android phone if you like.

Configuring the visitor-tracker

You can configure the visitor-tracker in various ways. Due to memory limits, you can only do this by using chat-commands:

/7ignoreaccess ON
- If you turn this ON, anyone that is granted access to the area due to that they are sub-admins, added to the access-list or due to that they are granted access by the Age/Height/Script-limit checks will be completely ignored by the visitor-tracker and will not show up in the log and will not be sent with PUSH messages or email alerts..
- Shortly put, only those who are specifically banned or ejected will show in the visitor-list.

/7ignoreaccess OFF
- Turns off the global access-ignoring. When turned OFF, the visitor-tracker will alert you whenever anyone has arrived in the area, regardless of their access-status.