Activating email message alerts

To enable email-alerts, use the command /7email + email-address

Example: /7email

Deactivating email alerts

Use the /7email command without anything after it to deactivate

Activating Instant-Message alerts

To activate Instant-Message alerts, use the command: /7imon

This is a great feature if you want to be alerted quickly with Instant-messages while you are online and in another SIM.

Deactivating Instant-Message alerts

To disable Instant-Message alerts, use command: /7imoff

Warning about email stability in Secondlife

IMPORTANT! Secondlife email alerts is usually fairly stable, however due to some long-term bugs in the core server systems of Secondlife itself, sometimes email reports may stop working. Specially if the SIM is heavy loaded with lots of scripts and/or laggy.

If you experience problems with email alerts, you can usually fix this pretty easy by asking for a reboot of the SIM from the SIM owner.

However, since this is a problem that has been around for many years, do not rely on email-alerts of very important information

Using iPhone alerts or Android alerts is usually more reliable since it does not rely on the old email server system integrated in Secondlife. iPhone and Android alerts uses pure and simple HTTP communication and so far it has proven to be a incredible stable and rarely ever fails at all. The HTTP communication seems to work stable even in heavy lagged areas.

The security system also uses a internal log-storage system so you can always review what’s happened since last time you were online by printing the internal logs when you have logged into Secondlife.

Please read more about the internal log-system at this page