Alerts and activity logs

This security-system has a powerful internal log-system which will store all kinds of important data, activities and alerts for later review.

The internal log-system will track the following:

  • Visitor names
  • How long all visitors have stayed
  • Intruder-alerts
  • Banning notifications
  • Sub-administrator activities, like adding/removing people from access-list, ban-list, temp-access etc.
  • Sub-administrators which starts and stops the system
  • + other information that might be important for the owners to review later.

Printing out the activity-log

To print out the current stored activity-logs, click on the security system, then click “List” button, then click the “listLog” button

To erase the current log, click the security system, then click “List” button, then click “resetLog”.

PS! Only the Chief-Administrator is allowed to use the “resetLog” button. The Sub-administrators can only read the log.

iPhone & Android instant PUSH notification

The internal log-system can also be programmed to send all alerts, notifications etc instantly to your favorite Apple iPhone or Google Android smart-phone!

This will enable you to instantly know what’s going on on your land, even if you are far away from your computer.

You will need to purchase the required Push-Notification application on Apple App Store or Android Marketplace

It’s only 3,- USD for the iPhone app, and 4.99 USD for the Android app! And you can use both Android and iPhone notifications at the same time if you wish! Great if you own both of them.

You only need to purchase them ONCE. The applications supports unlimited amount of security systems at the same time.

The only current limit is 1’000 notifications per hour.

Please read the following documentation to learn how to activate and setup this: