Auto-ejecting avatars by age

You can configure this security orb to automatically eject anyone that is older or younger than a specified amount of days since they created their avatar.

To configure this, use the chat-commands:

/7agemax (max amount of days old)
/7agemin (minimum amount of days old)

Example: /7agemax 100 (Will eject anyone which are older than 100 days since they created their avatar)
Example: /7agemin 14 (Will eject anyone which are younger than 14 days since they created their avatar)

To turn off this feature, use command: /7ageban off

PS! When activating this mode, the security system will keep the area open and public to anyone. It will never auto-eject anyone unless they are specifically on the ban-list, or does not meet the set age-restrictions

Important: The age-ban mode will only work when running in “normal” start-mode. It will be disabled in “passive” and “silent” mode.

All avatars specifically in the access-list will be ignored and can be as young or old as they want. All sub-administrators will also be ignored.

Most greifers uses newly created accounts. Setting the minimum age to like 14 days or so will usually keep them at bay. This may vary though.