Scan-range settings

By default, the security system is set to 60 meter range. This is usually a good protection-radius for most houses and skyboxes.

You can change this by clicking on the security orb and then click the “scanRange” button and then selecting the preferred range manually.

You can also fine-tune the range with command /7range (meters)

Example: /7range 15

No matter how high you set the range, the security system will never go beyond your true parcel-border lines! This makes sure your neighbors will never be attacked no matter how high or low you set the range

Whenever you change the range, or start or stop the system, it will show a visual scan-bubble. This will help you to know exactly what area it will protect. The scan-bubble will automatically disappear after about 10 seconds or so.

You can read more about how to use the scan-bubble and visual alert-bubble on this page

Phoenix / Firestorm range-enhancer

Do you use Phoenix, Firestorm SL Viewer? Well, great news for you! Then you can radically boost the performance of this security orb! Please read the Phoenix / Firestorm section of the docs to learn how to do this.

Warning-time settings

By default, any intruders will have 30 seconds to leave the area before the system will forcefully remove them. You can change the default warning-time by clicking on the security orb, then click “warningTime” and then select your preferred warning-time.

You can fine-tune the warning time with chat-command: /7warningtime (seconds)

Example: /7warningtime 60