Auto-ejecting avatars with too many scripts

You can configure this security orb to automatically eject anyone that carries more than a specified amount of scripts on their avatar.

To configure this, use the chat-command: /7scriptlimit (max amount of scripts)

Example: /7scriptlimit 100 (Will eject anyone with more than 100 scripts attached)

To turn off this feature, use command: /7scriptlimit 0

PS! When activating this mode, the security system will keep the area open and public to anyone. It will never auto-eject anyone unless they are specifically on the ban-list, or exceeds the amount of scripts you have configured.

Important: The script-limit mode will only work when running in “normal” start-mode. It will be disabled in “passive” and “silent” mode.

All avatars specifically in the access-list will be ignored and can carry as many scripts as they want. All sub-administrators will also be ignored.

For normal SIM’s and Private Islands, a script limit of 200 is usually just fine. If you have an extremely popular SIM, you might want to set it lower, like 100 or so.

For very high load events like in clubs etc, a very low amount of scripts may be needed to keep the SIM low-lag. Maybe as low as 10-15 scripts for each only! It may differ from event to event, depending on how well your SIM is maintained and what kind of even you are running , etc.