Auto-ejecting avatars by avatar-size

You can configure this security orb to automatically eject anyone that is smaller than a specific height, in meters.

To configure this, use the chat-command:

/7avatarsize (minimum height, in meters)

Example: /7avatarsize 1.0 (Will eject anyone which are smaller than 1 meters tall)

To turn off this feature, use command: /7avatarsize 0

PS! When activating this mode, the security system will keep the area open and public to anyone. It will never auto-eject anyone unless they are specifically on the ban-list, or does not meet the set height-restrictions

Important: The avatar-size ban-mode will only work when running in “normal” start-mode. It will be disabled in “passive” and “silent” mode.

All avatars specifically in the access-list will be ignored and can be as small as they want. All sub-administrators will also be ignored.

Please do not abuse this feature to cause greif onto people who are small due to that they are tiny bears, tiny bunnies or other kinds of tiny animals.

Also remember this, not all people who oppose as children in Secondlife does this due to sexual preferences. Some people actually dress up as children because they in a strange way just want to re-live a life as a child, because their real childhood somehow got broken in the past! Shortly put, a way of healing the wounds who never had time to heal, back when they were a real child!

So a rule of thumb: Don’t label people by their appearance only, judge them only by their actual actions done inside secondlife! Give everyone ONE chance to prove they are not bad.

Measuring avatar size

In order to measure exact avatar-size, the security orb has a avatar-size measurement-tool included inside it.

Use chat-command /7getsize to get the size-tool delivered to you. Rez it and click on it to measure avatar sizes.