Android instant PUSH notifications

Android requirements: Froyo 2.2 or newer
Application price: 4.99 USD

Any Android-phone with Froyo 2.2 or newer OS supports true instant PUSH notifications. This means the notification-service will use zero CPU, battery and memory when running in the background. Pretty neat ey? :)

Installation of the Android PUSH notification system

First you need to purchase and install the required Android application on your phone.

Application price: 4.99 USD
Application name: “Notify My Android
Link to Android market: Notify My Android (Opens new window)

After you have successfully installed the application, you will need to register for a new user-account.

Finish the registration-process, then go to the Notify My Android web-site and login (opens new window)

Then after you have logged in, go to the “Send Notification” page.

Then type in a small test-message and click “send” button on the web-page to receive a test-message on your Android-phone to confirm the installation has been successful.

If you received the test-message on your phone, you are ready to activate the PUSH alerts in your security system

Activate PUSH messages in the security system

Go to the “My Account” page on the Notify My Android web-site

Then on the right side, click on the “Generate New Key” button.

Then copy the new key listed on your screen, and go into secondlife and stand in front of your security orb.

Write in chat: /7androidkey + space + (paste the key, without using + signs)

Example: /7androidkey 5ee8ead46f57a7c1ca758de87819bd0fca3eb307b59fecc0

Now push enter on your keyboard.

The security system will then instantly send a confirmation PUSH message to confirm it was done correct.

Within a few seconds you should now receive a test-message alert from the security system, and then you will continue receiving instant PUSH messages of all important activities, like visitor names, usage activities, banning activities etc etc.

That’s it, you are now finished!

You can de-activate the Android push-messages if you want. Just write in chat: /7androidkey remove

Advanced multi-user PUSH messaging

You can also configure the system to send PUSH messages to multiple Android accounts and phones.

This is very simple, just use the very same /7androidkey command, and separate each key with a COMMA.

Example: /7androidkey keyA,keyB,keyC

(replace “keyA”, “keyB”, “keyC” etc with a real API key from the web-site)

PS! Do NOT use spaces between the keys and the commas or else it will fail!

Important information about CPU and battery usage

The PUSH-messaging service itself uses practically ZERO CPU and battery, since the service itself is part of the core-OS made by Google.

However, whenever you read the messages with the “Notify My Android” application on the android phone, the application itself will use CPU and battery while it is in the foreground!

So to ensure your phone always keeps as good battery-life as possible, always remember to close the message-reader application after you have used it! (By going back to Android home-screen before you turn off the screen)