Changing ban-time settings

By default, any intruder that is being ejected is also banned for 3 hours.

You can change how long the intruder will be banned with chat-command: /7bantime (hours)

Example: /7bantime 672 (Will set a ban-time of one month)
Example: /7bantime 336 (Will set a ban-time of two weeks)
Example: /7bantime 168 (Will set a ban-time of one week)
Example: /7bantime 24 (Will set a ban-time of 24 hours)
Example: /7bantime 0 (Will set the ban-time to INFINITE)

PS! It is NOT recommended to set the ban-time to infinite. The parcel ban-list has a very limited amount of space (about 200 names or so). Most griefers has a fairly short short-attention span so setting it to 2-3 weeks usually keeps them at bay.