CasperLet rental-mode

This security orb can be linked to a CasperLet Rental-box System

When linked to a CasperLet rental-box, the orb will change it’s behavior quite dramatically.

It will enable you these neat features:

  • Whenever a new tenant pays the rental-box, he will be automatically added as a sub-administrator
  • The tenant will then be able to add and remove friends etc
  • The tenant will be able to start and stop the system
  • The tenant will not be able to change any other settings at all (works like “locked mode”)
  • When the rental-time is over, the security orb will automatically reset itself, clear all people from access-list, ban-list and administrator-list and then turn itself OFF. The rental-space will then automatically be ready to serve a new tenant!

Finally a professional-grade security system which fully integrates with one of the most popular rental-systems in Secondlife! No more manual work setting up security for your tenants. :)

How to activate CasperLet rental-mode

Click on the security orb, then click “>>>> Page 2” button, then click “Rental-Link”, then click “RentalSet” button.

Then follow the on-screen instructions on now to link the orb to the rental-box.

How to deactivate rental-mode

Use the chat-command: /7rental unlink

The security orb will then revert back to normal operation-mode.

How to add permanent rental-admins

★★★ NEW: In rental-mode, you can now define a few permanent sub-admins which does not get deleted from the list when in rental-mode.
- Use commands:
/7addadminrental + full name (Add a new permanent rental-admin)
/7removeadminrental + full name (removes one of the rental-admins)
- To list current registered rental-admins, click on orb, click LIST, then click ListAccess.

Example: /7addadminrental thomas conover
Example: /7removeadminrental thomas conover

Large-scale rental-business

Do you need large amount of security orbs for your rental-business?

No problem, Be sure to contact Thomas Conover directly and ask for bulk-discount packs! There will be a great amount of money to be saved!